Versatility in What We Do

Molded Dimensions molds custom engineeredrubberand castpolyurethaneparts, as well as provides molded product from worldwide manufacturers through ourGlocalSourcebusiness unit.

Milled rubber may be Nitrile, polychloroprene, SBR, EPDM, or natural.One of MD's greatest strengths is versatility. In our world, versatility comes in many shapes and forms including:

Manufacturing Location

医学博士has the capability to perform multiple types of injection molding, as well as compression, transfer and open cast molding. We mold both rubber and cast polyurethane products at the Wisconsin-based facility. Our domestic operation includes two plants located in Port Washington, WI. The original manufacturing facility molds rubber goods while the newest building, located on the same property, focuses on cast urethane molding.

In addition to our domestic operations, our business unit called GlocalSource provides access to global manufacturing services. Our GlocalSource customers are supported by MD's local engineering expertise and project management that includes design support, logistics, and communication.

Raw Material Type

Cast urethane poured into an open cast urethane mold.医学博士customers benefit from our ability to process both molded rubber and cast polyurethane. These thermoset elastomers utilize a process known as vulcanization. Vulcanization, or curing, causes chemical cross-linking of shorter polymer chains into longer polymer chains. The long chains created during vulcanization give the material its' elastic property. Elasticity comes from the ability of the long chains to deform under stress and return to their original shape. The vulcanization process is irreversible, much like cooking an egg, since the material cannot be "melted" and cured again. Available rubber polymers range from natural rubber to synthetic polymers like polychloroprene, Nitrile, EPDM, Silicone, fluoroelastomers and Perfluoroelastomers.

Part or Product Size

Precision mechanical components are molded in sizes ranging from 1 gram to over 60 pounds. The smallest of parts can be held on a fingertip, while the largest parts require oversized pallets for shipping. Our domestic presses are sized up to 24" square, and our GlocalSource presses have capabilities up to 60" square. Cast urethane parts can range from very small, precision, compression molded items to anything that fits in our 10' square walk-in ovens.

Annual Volume Sold

医学博士has low, mid, and high volume production capabilities. Some of our customers, including military, often only require small production runs, while other customers require weekly releases and a supporting KanBan programs to keep them in supply. These systems and methodologies we learn from larger, more structured companies can be applied to benefit customers across the board.

Manufacturing Services

Urethane finishing includes machining, grinding, or die cutting.Beyond the different types of molding processes we provide, our manufacturing services include metal preparation, grinding, machining, die cutting, inventory programs of raw material and/or finished goods, as well as special packaging and kitting.

Industry Diversification

We pride ourselves on having many customers in many industries. We like to say we work with customers in industries from "medical to mining." MD'sindustry diversificationprovides all customers with a valued stakeholder position and allows MD to support every customer with great service and quality. In addition, our business stability and growth is also attributed to our industry diversification.

Global Reach

医学博士has aglobal reachin both production and fulfillment. Product can be produced in North America or Asia, and components are shipped all over the world. Our ability to offer multiple manufacturing and fulfillment strategies ensures the best possible supply chain. Molded Dimensions prides itself on having great versatility. This makes us a strong, stable partner to you. Read more about our Rubber, Polyurethane and GlocalSource capabilities.
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