Global Manufacturing, Local Service

We can provide product from worldwide rubber molding manufacturers, supported by MD's local technical expertise and project management. Your company will benefit from our engineering expertise and program management, including design, logistics and communication.

Asian manufactured rubber parts are shipped to worldwide customers.

What parts fit well with Global Manufacturing?

Knowing there are exceptions to every rule, the basics can be summarized:

How does it work?

Where does the product come from?

What are the benefits?

Global Reach

MD has a global reach in both production and fulfillment. Product may be produced in North America or Asia, and is shipped to our worldwide customers. MD's ability to offer multiple manufacturing and fulfillment strategies allows the best possible supply chain for your project.

Molded Dimensions takes pride in the technical excellence and versatility of our business. Our Global Manufacturing capability is one of the factors that sets us apart from other domestic manufacturers.
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