Sharing Expertise and Knowledge

Molded Dimensions is known for our engineering expertise and technical knowledge regarding product and process design. We believe sharing this information with you helps expedite the process of getting the optimum product design to market.

Design and Engineering Guide

A Molded Dimensions' technical sales call.Our Design and Engineering Guide is assembled based on both MD experience and industry (RMA) design standards. This Design and Engineering Guide is designed to provide you with product design knowledge, DFM and basic molding tolerances and standard concepts to help you successfully engineer your product for its application.MORE

Material Guide

Our Material Guide is designed to provide you with material knowledge to help you successfully select a material for your application. Included is general material information, as well as specifics about rubber and cast polyurethane materials.MORE

Part Examples

At Molded Dimensions we have developed over 800 custom compounds for an extremely wide range of part applications. Here we share some examples of the many products and applications from many years of experience. Please browse this section. Your product will receive the same attention that made each of these products successful in their application.MORE

Our knowledge and technical capabilities are not limited to this web information. Please call Molded Dimensions 262-284-9455 and ask to speak with one of our Technical Sales Representatives.
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