Silicone injection molding in progress

Thanks to its versatility and durability, high-consistency silicone rubber (HCR) can be found in a wide variety of applications. Components commonly made from this material include gaskets, handgrips, O-rings and other custom-molded parts. It’s no wonder that industries of all kinds depend on high-quality HCR injection molding for their product lines. Molded Dimensions provides comprehensive silicone rubber injection molding as part of our overall elastomer services, and we bring the same attention to detail and level of engineering expertise to it as we do to all our work.

How the Process Works

The HCR silicone injection molding process typically involves heating the raw material and injecting it under high pressure into a mold. The injection screw preheats the silicone, reducing its viscosity and enabling it to flow with greater ease into the mold cavity. The rubber fills the cavity completely, ensuring the resulting component will be of the highest quality with minimal defects.

Among the many advantages of silicone injection molding over other forms of production, such as silicone compression molding, is that pre-forms aren’t required. This effectively eliminates a step and saves a considerable amount of time. The preheating at the beginning of the molding cycle also helps reduce curing time because the mold cavities are filled with greater speed. This method provides other benefits, such as minimizing waste through greater control over the amount of raw material introduced into the molds.

Why Choose Molded Dimensions?

找到了一个最多样化的功能nywhere among elastomer manufacturing companies, it’s no wonder that our customer base runs the gamut from medical to mining. Silicone injection molding is just one of the many services we can provide, and our engineering expertise enables us to provide you with virtually any custom-molded silicone parts you may need. We have the ability to create precision components in sizes ranging from 1 gram to more than 60 pounds. Whether your application calls for low-volume orders or large-scale production runs, we have the ability to deliver for you.

In addition to our domestic production and fulfillment, we also can exercise global reach through ourdota2雷竞技赞助 capabilities. With access to manufacturers around the world, we can leverage our local engineering experience and project management expertise to supply customers with a range of services while also fitting into their budgets and schedules.

Thanks to our rigorous methodology, we can deliver high-quality products quickly and reliably. Our project management teams work closely with you to examine your needs, design the necessary tooling and build the best process to manufacture the parts that suit your applications. From concept to design to prototyping, we make certain that no detail is overlooked. Our people hold regular, cross-departmental meetings to discuss continuous improvements. There’s a reason why some of our customers have been with us for more than 60 years.

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